How to Hack Yourself and Your Company

Latitude59 side event 

How to Hack
Yourself and Your Company

Do you have the guts to really change and meet a new reality?
What’s your unique secret sauce to make it happen?

Join us in Latitude59 official side event for corporates
on Wednesday, May 18 at 4 pm in Net Group office space (Tammsaare 92, 8th floor).

Come learn tricks and tips for going through change and finding balanced growth in the middle of unknown times for yourself and find options that can support your organization’s growth plans and digitalization processes. 

Real-life examples to support your growth


Elsavie, the upcoming startup for microbiome and gut health tests, is there to help to solve the magic behind your health and gives you science-packed know-how on how to boost your health.

Net Group

Net Group will pitch how they were asked by Elsavie to help build Health Account (Tervisekonto) system for them but at the end of the day, we developed a growth plan with a globalization strategy, including a new organization structure and information systems architecture, to support their rapid growth plans.

Besides the magnific views of Tallinn, healthy snacks and shots will be provided, to power up your gut health for the upcoming Latitude59 days.


A.H.Tammsaare 92, Tallinn


18.05 at 16:00



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