Kick-off Your Developer’s Career

Become Junior Developer via applying to the Net Group Developer's Career program.

Come to your first workplace

If you have studied or have knowledge in software development world in Java, .NET, and/or front-end frameworks and you are looking for your first job experience, you are welcome to apply.

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Kick-off Your Career

Junior Developer contract
Selected applicants will be offered a job contract as Junior Developer in our development teams. This means you will start immediately as a full member with support from others. So, fasten your seatbelt and hop on.
Kick-start developers’ work life
You will have meetings, workshops, hackathons to experience everything in software development at a fast forward speed. Be it top management, IT architects, or SaaS teams, you will meet and talk about core things with all of them. Also, be prepared to hack on brand new ideas that need MVP and testing.
Personal buddy
For the first months, you will have a personal buddy, who will help you to get accustomed to things and how to navigate around the office and workload. Is it about good lunch offers around our office or good hacks on how to use internal systems, they are there to help you out.
Flexible work hours
To continue your studies, we offer you flexible work hours, so that you can do both study and gain real-life experience while working for us. It’s up to you, if you commit full-time or want up to 30% less workload.
Term paper and Thesis topics
You can find topic for your university projects, also for final thesis. As education is highly valued within Net Group, you can find a supervisor among your own colleagues.

We are Net Group

Our passion is to create software solutions and products that support change. This way, we make our customers’ lives easier and, the business grow. We dare to push the limits and think outside the box. Creativity and responsibility go hand in hand with us – we always find a way to finish what we started.

Net Group was founded more than 20 years ago with the aim to be the coolest place to work. We are big enough to ensure stability and small enough to be flexible. Each team member has a voice and the opportunity to have a say in our development.

Our core values

Being the best requires constant self-development and eagerness to learn new things. Self-development is what motivates us and makes our eyes shine!
We have courage to step out of our comfort zone and accept challenges in order to move towards our vision.
We care about our people, our customers and the environment around us. Our daily work is based on people-to-people cooperation and transparent communication.

When I came to Net Group and now when I have worked here, I have found out what a developer’s job looks like and what it means to write code for real business projects. Every day offers new challenges and opportunities for self-fulfillment! In Net Group I appreciate all co-workers who make each new working day pleasant and memorable, and also various opportunities offered to apply my skills in different client projects.

Ellen Loit

Software Developer

At Net Group I have been part of a complete software development process ever since I was a student, even without any previous practical experience. Different roles in projects and the use of different technologies have supported my development as a developer. Net Group has a very open and friendly atmosphere, helpful colleagues and good mentors who ensure that developers in the junior position have a comfortable induction process, involvement in various real projects, and the opportunity for rapid development.

Marek Kirillov

Software Developer