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Document Processing & Search Tool

Tailored for your needs using AI

Decrease unimportant manual work with custom-configured Large Language Models (LLMs) and experience the efficiency of our AI-driven Document Processing and Search tool. Simplify content analysis across documents or websites while easily allowing users to ask questions in their own words.

Smart and quick for various data sources

Document format compatibility

Access PDFs, Word, PowerPoint,
and web links effortlessly.

Flexible data processing

Processes text, charts, tables,
and graphics efficiently.

Quick search and precise results

Find info fast within docs and
pages with accuracy.

Clear explanations and brief summaries

Detailed answers with concise sources provided.

Your custom AI helper to reduce security risks

Cloud or local

Go for in-house Document Processing & Search Tool solution, to meet your data policy needs or opt for a cloud hosted solution, when GDPR or privacy are not standing on the way.

Tarkvara kasutusele võtmine

Custom integration

Seamlessly integrate our smart Document Processing & Search Tool solution with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth workflow and data consistency.

GDPR compliant

Designed with your data protection policies in mind, offering peace of mind that complies with GDPR or your internal data protection policies.


Multi-content support

Different data formats like PDF, Word, PowerPoints, websites are all welcomed. Our Document Processing & Search Tool solution is smart and processes also special types of information fields like multi-column text, charts, tables, graphs.

Savvy results & smart quoted answers

Direct links

Quick access the right document, page, and section to ensure quick and accurate access to the necessary information

Summarized responses

Get  responses with Document Processing & Search Tool that summarize data from the documents

Accuracy assessment

Document Processing & Search Tool provides an approximate accuracy estimate for the answer

Answer justification

Includes explanation that justifies the reasons behind the answer and summarizes the sources of information

Search, analyze and get comments. Fast.

We already have built custom LLM powered solutions for them

Let’s talk about
our smart AI solutions
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