Excel has been used as a reporting tool for decades. Unfortunately, in today’s world, the amount of data and information has grown to the point where even the smartest Excel users and companies run into various problems when creating and sharing reports.

ms power bi

Here are TOP 5 reasons you should consider Microsoft Power BI as your Business Intelligence solution:

1. Bring your data together

With Power BI you will get all your data in one place, helping you make better decisions, faster than ever. With hundreds of data sources connect to what matters to you.

 2. Easy to use

Power BI has enterprise strength features, but it is still familiar enough to Excel users that they can embrace it. With drag and drop features it is simple to turn data into meaningful visualizations quickly.

3. Access your data from anywhere

Once you have a dashboard created you can access it from just about anything. The web app is excellent for both displaying and editing reports. Mobile apps allow you to use your reports on the go.

4. Easy to Collaborate

Collaborate with co-workers to create interactive reports and dashboards in workspaces. The user can compile dashboards and reports into apps and can publish them to a larger audience.

5. Cost Effective

Users can start off free with using Power BI Desktop. Power BI PRO license that enables more enterprise-level features such as collaboration and sharing costs $9.99 per user per month.

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