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success by netgroup

Telia together with Net Group created a modern digital sales channel with efficient back office systems.

75% Of all orders are handled automatically


Statistics Estonia

success by netgroup

Statistics Estonia together with Net Group created an Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard - an effective tool for decision making.

Partner of the Year Statistics Estonia recognized Net Group as its Partner of the Year!


Ehituse ABC

success by netgroup

Thanks to the fully functioning digital channel and modern online shop created by Net Group, Ehituse ABC is now reaching potentially 200 000 new customers.

200 000 New customers

Digital commerce

If your core business
objectives are

Growth Plan

Let’s ask the right questions vital for your business growth. Together. We deliver overview of your current situtation and roadmap for digitalization process. As a result you know, if and what needs to be digitalized and how to get best out from digital investments.

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Software Development

Turn your dreams into highly functional digital solutions. Is it robust or single purpose digital system, we got it. Our big pool of engineers and highly skilled growth masters have seen systems that need modernization and systems that they have built from scratch. Either way, they know how to build systems that enables growth and change for your organization.

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Digital Commerce

Delivering solutions that thrive your sales both online and offline, is our passion. Making that process more profitable is even more exciting. Our customers have experienced it first hand in the form of increased order value, customer LTV, conversion, less churn, better net profits and more.

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Product Development

Make your work easier with our software products. Built together with our clients, brought to the global arena by our teams. Together we can bring change to your sector too. Find out more about our products for FinTech, EdTech and Utilities sector.

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Growth Experts
With our 100+ people we have an ability to understand various business and governmental challenges to find growth and change with digital solutions.
Clean Code
Be it Front-End or Back-End. C#, Java, React or Angular our aim is to write a clean code that takes less resources and keeps our planet Earth happy.
Outstanding Experience
Delivering software solutions that give our customers significant business value is highly valued by our clients and as a proof in EMEA area our NPS score is 85.

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