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Online store for the Estonian market leader of disability aids with a smart search engine

Smart Search Engine powered by AI

Online store of goods intended for elderly end users

About the project

In the era of online shopping, Invaru desired to update its sales, connect to a new target group and make it easier to obtain aids in a complex and conservative field. The end user of a large share of Invaru’s stock is over 70 and may not necessarily make the purchases by themselves. Thus creating an online store for people who support the elderly with their purchases. The customer and Net Group cooperated on establishing project stages, creating the prototype of the user interface and starting the development of the online store which took approximately a year and a half.

The online store was created for the people who support the elderly and help them buy the aids. The company stressed the importance of the online store being well interfaced with the accounting software and providing the option for purchasing with discounts established by the state, with a trace allowing for later inspection of the transaction.

Purpose of the project


Stage I – getting the primary functions of the Invaru store to work, so that goods could be purchased for the regular price.
Stage II – selling goods under discounted terms was implemented. Adding this option was tied to the completion time of the national social security information system.
Stage III – the online store is active and developing. Everyday management is handled by Invaru itself, version updates and developments by Net Group.

The Invaru and Net Group partnership thrives on frequent communication, aiding in clearer business goals and smoother project execution, thus laying a solid foundation for future collaboration and developments. The main goal is to ensure continuous online accessibility of product information, including descriptions and catalogs. Creating an online store simplifies customer access to necessary information and products.

Currently, Invaru’s main sales channel comprises physical stores, yet attention is on the potential of an online store and enhancing customer satisfaction. The aim is to create an environment meeting customer expectations and ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

In developing the online store, attention was given not only to technical aspects but also to user-friendly design and customer service, fostering trust and loyalty. Recognizing the limitations of traditional marketing, efforts are focused on creating a new e-channel, especially for caregivers or relatives aged 45 and above.

Creating the Invaru online store was the first step towards the future, where we hope that e-commerce sales will constitute 10% of revenue and Invaru’s end customers will adapt to e-commerce trends. For this, the platform must be user-friendly, fast, intuitive, and provide the best possible customer experience.

Strengths of the Invaru online store


For the client, it was important that the online store would be well integrated with the enterprise resource planning system and that it would be possible to verify the transaction content later. These provide a strong foundation for providing a quality and personalized shopping experience.

Invaru online store allows customers to purchase products with national discounts, integrating it with SKAIS and thereby ensuring a fair pricing policy for buyers. Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence based search engine offers quick and accurate product finding, making the shopping experience more convenient and efficient.

The online store is developed in such a way that it remains reliable when making updates through external partners. All these elements together give Invaru e-store a clear competitive advantage, making it a trusted choice for both existing and new customers.

Smart Search Engine powered by AI

The smart search engine was one of the most significant upgrades added to the developed online store. Its implementation enabled customers to find products faster and more accurately, significantly improving their shopping experience. For this purpose, the online store was integrated with the ready-made artificial intelligence solution, Klevu AI, which greatly enhanced the platform's functionality and provided customers with a more personalized approach.


Microsoft Business Central
Klevu AI
Search Engine
Social Protection Information System

Technologies Used


Together, we achieved these goals

  • A modern sales channel for the younger target group in a complex and conservative field
  • A well-functioning option of purchasing with a personal discount, meaning from a technical standpoint that the online store repeatedly interacts with SKAIS (the information system of the Social Insurance Board) during a single transaction, which is an important element of preventing fraud.
  • Excellent handling of updates and changes by external partners (e.g., whenever something changes in the SKA systems, the Invaru online store has always remained working)
  • An excellent AI-based search engine

Brief Summary

of the project

  1. IT solution developed specifically in cooperation with the customer, allowing to purchase products from the Invaru online store with a nationally established discount
  2. A bulletproof and secure online store, reliable even during external partner developments
  3. An excellent AI-based search engine

Client Feedback

I dare say that our online store is bulletproof and secure. The cooperation with Net Group is professional and precise. We set specific stages, goals and deadlines. We interact on a weekly basis but can manage day-to-day administration ourselves. The result was a well-functioning system interfaced to SKAIS and the Invaru software which is more than just an online store, as it allows for purchasing of products with the nationally established discount. Our online store has worked impeccably even in the light of changes and system updates of external partners and has never failed.


about the client

Invaru is the largest company involved in the sale and rent of mobility, caretaking, nursing and rehabilitation aids in Estonia, in operation for over 30 years.

The greatest goal of Invaru is to focus on helping people and providing an excellent customer experience.