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Be it robust or single purpose digital system, we got it. Our big pool of engineers and highly skilled growth masters have seen systems that need modernization and systems that they have built from scratch. Either way, we know how to build a solution that enables growth and change for your organization.

Software Development for your needs?

Let’s build it together.

We value a good team work. That's why we like to have you involved in our software development process quite a lot. This means regular stand-up meetings with our team and friendly chats with your account manager.

Together we will build a meaningful solution, delivered to you by our IT-architects, analysts, developers, testers, designers and UX/UI pros.

Software Development values that drive us

Agile SCRUM methodology
Quick process for POC
Equal attention to development and testing
Use of latest technology
Quality and efficient coding
Finding best possible components
It’s okay to not custom code

Software Development done right brings growth for your business.

We have over 22 years of experience in custom software development and complex system integration projects, as well as single purpose solutions, which empowers us to deliver any level of complexity solutions to various industries.

Energy & Utilities

Our software development
can provide you with

UI / UX Design

Our goal is to create effective screen-based experiences for websites or apps on visual communications perspective. We bring focus to the users needs and link them with Your business goals.

  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • User tests
  • Development planning

Front End Development

We build extensive and user-friendly web interfaces that are tailored to your unique business needs. From simple landing page to complicated service portals and dashboards.

  • Modern frameworks
  • PWA, SPA, SSR, micro-frontends
  • Web standards
  • Data visualization

Back End Development

Our vision is to create high-level, reliable and sustainable applications. As your needs differ so do our tools. From microservices or databases to deployment on the cloud or on-site with monitoring. Let’s turn your needs into a success story.

  • Backend
  • Communication
  • Security & Integrations
  • Database
  • Deployment & Monitoring

Your next Growth Plan

Not sure how to reach to your dream solution?

It’s usual that before a software development can start to build a digital solution, we have to find out what needs to be changed.
We can help you do that. Our Digital Growth Plan gives you an overview of your current situation and a roadmap for digitalization process. As a result you know, if and what needs to be digitalized and how to carry out a change for digitalization.

Our Customers

Over 200 happy customers

The foundation of successful Digital Commerce is having the right strategy and organizational setup within your business.

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