CTO as a Service

have a strategic tech partner in your team

Gain a fresh technology perspective, architect your technical landscape, and achieve your business targets through digital innovation.

Our CTO as a Service
can provide you with

Business Consultancy
Align your business strategy with a carefully designed technology plan, enabling smooth implementation and strong support
Technology Insight
Get expert help selecting the ideal tech solution from various market options that suit your organization's needs and budget.
Technical Roadmap
Let's craft a long-run view for tech and digital solutions development to really turn your digital business ideas into a highly functional solutions.

ICT Environment analysis
Get mapped down your organisation ICT current state – the infrastructure, existing software platforms, the equipment in use and gaps to be covered.
Strategic tech view
Have a technology insight and perspective in business planning and strategy meetings. Get validation new business ideas and strategy from technology perspective.
Digital Behaviour Scoreboard
Get to learn organisation’s overall digital maturity level and most favoured techology by users. Find the best fit for future way of working.
Expected change handout
Have a detailed digital vision and digitalization roadmap. CTO as a Service gives you an assessment for estimated ROI and cost estimation for digitalizing your pre-selected and identified tech solutions.
Risks idetification
Identify technology related risks must be taken into account and have a solid proposal for mitigation options.
Become tech smart
CTO as a Service is helping you to become more smarter customer for technology procurements.

Tech ideas brought to you by CTO as a Service

We believe, your unique need is not that unique, if we look at in on a global scale.

Together, we can bring change to your sector. You know your sector and we give you dedicated people and tested know-how. Our years long experience gives us the confidence to say no to tech things that is not beneficial and to say yes to things that really add value.

Monthly subscription

Hours: ~ 40 hours

Price: 6000€ (+ VAT)


Hours: 1 hour

Price: 190€ (+ VAT)

CTO as a Service got you a roadmap, but what happens next?

Turn your roadmaped tech dreams into highly functional digital solutions. Is it robust or single purpose digital system you need, we got it. Our big pool of engineers and highly skilled software developers have seen systems that need modernization and systems that they have built from scratch. Not to mention SaaS platforms and out-of-the box products. Either way, they know how to build systems that enables growth and change for your organization.

We bring the change
you need

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