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We are Net Group

Our passion is to create software solutions and products that support change. This way, we make our customers’ lives easier and, the business grow. We dare to push the limits and think outside the box. Creativity and responsibility go hand in hand with us – we always find a way to finish what we started.

Net Group was founded more than 20 years ago with the aim to be the coolest place to work. We are big enough to ensure stability and small enough to be flexible. Each team member has a voice and the opportunity to have a say in our development.


That create value

We are brave. We are eager. Rules do not limit our ambitions.

We have many opportunities and challenges. You can choose to develop both products and services, at home as well as abroad.

You can create meaningful solutions that are really useful. You have a possibility to get a share in Net Group’s own spin-offs with shareholders’ preemptive rights.

Development opportunities

That support your goals

Our goal is to be masterful and we are motivated by constant development. We give you opportunities to grow and we invest in your development.

Horizontal or vertical development – it’s your call! Specialist or expert – you will get even better with us.

With us, you can really grow if you are only ready for it yourself!


Your people

We help and inspire each other and enjoy working together.

We are smart and experienced. You can count on us. Our attitude is “Let’s do it”, and we keep our promises. Just like You.

We are awesome – exciting work projects and joint leisure activities are things that unite us. We have our own band and football team. There are even more unifying interests.
You are important for our people.


Where you want to give your best

Workplace is essential for us. Our comfortable, spacious office has been created with keeping teamwork in mind. Each team has their own room, but with common motto “My room, my rules.”

Your work is supported by simple administration, various bonuses and a warm atmosphere. Top-level tools are elementary for us.
We trust you and your ability to design your own work routines. The work is flexible and our people enjoy freedom of making decisions.

We celebrate victory as well as everyday life with joint events. Our workspace invites to work together and to be together.

Our values

Being the best requires constant self-development and eagerness to learn new things. Self-development is what motivates us and makes our eyes shine!
We have courage to step out of our comfort zone and accept challenges in order to move towards our vision.
We care about our people, our customers and the environment around us. Our daily work is based on people-to-people cooperation and transparent communication.

Our focus is on
meaningful work

What we offer

We deeply care for our people. We have created an environment where you can thrive and give your very best. We offer you the freedom to create, the power to take risks and also the permission to make mistakes.

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