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Business ambition design
Business ambition design
Customer development and validation
Customer development and validation
Business model innovation
Business model innovation
Establishing joint team
Establishing joint team
Go-to-market plan
Go-to-market plan
Investor relations
Investor relations
Scaling to unicorn
Scaling to unicorn

Here's a glimpse of what to expect from Product Development journey

Business ambition design
Setting goals and roadmap for 10x business growth.
Customer development and validation
Defining customer personas and validating unique value propositions.
Business model innovation
Developing business models for innovative global growth potential.
Building scalable tech solutions
Our tech team develops scalable world class solutions.
Establishing joint team
Building a joint venture with founders from Net Group.
Go-to-market plan
Planning and executing further business growth.
Investor relations
Bringing relevant angel and venture capital investors on board.
Scaling to unicorn
Scaling the solution to 1 billion dollar company.

Our projects that have brought our clients success

Gut Health Products and Platform

Elsavie combines next generation online learning with world-class scientific knowledge of microbiome and gut health tests. Elsavie, together in close collaboration with the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK), strives to be a forward-thinking powerhouse that operates globally, while still maintaining its local roots. 

  • Microbiome test
  • Supplements
  • Probiotics
  • Gut health app
Ehituse ABC

B2C and B2B e-commerce platform, product information management solution and various process automation solutions. Ehituse ABC has seen nearly 90% e-commerce revenue growth year-over-year comparing 2020 and 2021.

Customer Information System and Billing Solution

Synerall is a customer information system and billing solution optimized for utility companies that provide electricity, gas, water, and/or heating. Synerall enables your company to maximize the return from the customer base and act efficiently on the liberalized utility market. On top of that, Synerall is easy to integrate and fit for multi-utility operations.

  • Data hub compliant
  • One-bill model
  • Fast billing
  • Spot pricing and billing
Investment Operations and Compliance Monitoring Solution

Multi-jurisdictional Investment Operations and Compliance solution to streamline operations and better enable regulatory compliance across your enterprise. Depowise helps to reduce operational risks and costs, increase automation and stay ahead of the trend.  Offering unparalleled compliance efficiency and data quality for asset managers, management companies and depositary banks through both quiet and volatile times.  

  • Compliance Automation
  • 65% reduced hours spent on safekeeping
  • Fast and flawless transaction validation and rejection.
  • Flexible and adapts to your company’s needs
Digital Learning Management Platform

Schoolaby is a revolutionary learning management platform that enables remote or hybrid learning. Either in the classroom or at home, Schoolaby keeps students, teachers and parents always on the right track. It is an easy-to-use system that connects countless external sources and gives teachers the freedom in compiling the courses with the most interesting and up-to-date materials.

  • Management of learning resources
  • Analytics of learning outcomes
  • Forming learning assignments
  • Single gateway to entire syllabus
  • Assassment and feedback
TV3 Group

Central user authentication solution to be used by all 50 web portals managed by TV3 across the Baltics. Solution based on Amazon AWS Cognito and provides a centralized authentication for nearly 2 million end-users.


B2C e-shop to support sales of mobility aid equipment and related medical assistance products. Provides a well-needed digital access to mobility aid equipment for people in need. Integrations with ERP and other solutions to enable automation.

Toyota Baltic

Digital tools and applications to support import of Toyota and Lexus cars to Baltics. Data warehouse and business intelligence to enable data-driven management and provide near-live insight to Baltic operations. Digital tools for financing and sales support. Toyota is the leading car brand in the Baltics.


Efficient and automated product information management solution. Platform development and implementation to provide capability to market and sell up to 1 million products across various markets in Finland and Baltic states.


Maximize investments and become a success story

Let’s maximize your investments into digital solutions and become a global player in your sector. We have helped to digitalize various sectors in Estonia, the most advanced digital society in the world. Become a success story in your sector. Globally.

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