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We make software that brings a long-lasting change.

We are Net Group

Our passion is to create software solutions that support change on the global stage. We have a strong track record in building solutions that make our customers’ lives easier and their businesses more prosperous. 

We are big enough to ensure stability and small enough to be flexible. We like to state we’re creative and responsible, smart and experienced. But in reality, we really enjoy doing our business – for almost 25 years on end.  

Net Group timeline


1999 - 2002

1999 - Net Group was founded
2001 - Built the first website using Microsoft technology
2002 - Got involved in business analytics

2004 - 2007

2004 - Created the Automaster joint venture
2005 - Got ISO certified
2005 - Made a first IT security solution
2007 - Sold our software abroad

2009 - 2013

2009 - Bought the software company Vita Group
2013 - Began operating solely as a software company
2013 - Microsoft’s partner of the year for Estonia

2014 - 2016

2014 - Opened a subsidiary in Finland
2015 - Created an eJustice platform
2015 - IT-capital project awarded for great internal communication
2016 - In-house product Synerall became a company

2017 - 2019

2017 - Launched IoT driving system for electrical scooters
2018 - Won the Estonian Hackathon Digiriigihäkk 1.0
2019 - Net Group Tanzania Ltd started operating


2020 - 2021

2020 - Became a nopCommerce Gold Partner
2021 - Our product Depowise started operating as a separate company

Coding, with better world in mind

Meaningful Work
We encourage our employees to take on projects that bring long-lasting, meaningful impact on Earth. Projects that change the way we do work, study, and live our lives.
Clean Code
Clean and efficient code. It needs fewer resources from servers and keeps the electricity consumption low. It's also our way to meet Sustainable Goals by 2030.
Digitising Democracy
We played our part in making Estonia the Digital Republic. It's our call now to drive digital democratisation throughout the EMEA region.
Tech education
From SmartLabs, Young Engineer Programme, and Robotics to large-scale activities - we are at the forefront of modern youth education.

Our Partners

Over 200 happy customers

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