East Capital

success by netgroup

You stay in the game while you’re able to be flexible enough to anticipate change and adapt to new prospects. East Capital has grown even faster thanks to its digital core created by Net Group.

75% of all orders are handled automatically

What were the main business goals that wanted to achieve?

  • East Capital operates in a business sector, where not seconds but milliseconds count.
  • Main goal was to get clear overview of the data to make important business decisions quickly.

Main benefits
for the end user

Data warehouse full overview

Data warehouse enables a full overview any time and guarantees business continuity even with the change of key partners.

Everyone on the same page

Everyone on the same page. Now it’s easy to bring in new people, service providers and funds.

All products are part of an integrated system

All products are part of an integrated system. Net Group didn’t just help with the programming, but offered expert advice and consultation.

Achieved Goals

  • Tailor-made system
  • Seamlessly integrated products
  • Data warehouse

Client feedback

"East Capital is a multi-national financial asset management company with ever-increasing demands on availability of accurate financial data and business intelligence. As such, we greatly value the knowledge and long-standing commitment to quality that the people of Net Group bring to our clients. "
Lars Sönnerlid
Chief Information Officer at East Capital