Toyota Baltics

success by netgroup

Net Group helped Toyota Baltic to migrate managing their business from Excel sheets to a fully digital solution.

24/7 up-to-date databases

Enhance Sales and Service Quality

About the project

The issue was that the dealerships were only receiving monthly performance reports around the middle of the following month, causing a delay in understanding their sales and service quality results from the previous month. The data collection was done manually through Excel by two individuals, one from service and the other from sales, which was time-consuming.

Real-Time Analytics for Dealerships


The solution implemented was the elimination of the manual intermediary step and the creation of direct data automation. Analytical graphs and visuals were built to display service quality and sales performance, along with dealership management and motivation. This allowed for immediate comparisons between sales teams and showcasing of results, such as highlighting a particularly high-performing dealership for the month. What previously took many days to compile and report can now be accomplished in minutes, with data continually fed into a data warehouse, allowing for real-time updates to the analytical graphs.

Main benefits
for the end user

Everything in one place

No more running separately 15 websites in different languages, and for various target audiences that each used their own dataset.

Smart business intelligence dashboards

Smart business intelligence dashboards help each level on exectutives and team players to focus their activities.

Detailed overview of their sales funnel

Instead of emailing Excel sheets back and forth, sales reps now just have to log into the system to have a detailed overview of their sales funnel.

Achieved Goals

  • Fully digitalised system instead of Excel sheets
  • No more back-and-forth emails
  • 20,000 end-users to have the best possible service

Client feedback

Net Group’s experts worked with our team from start to end and we came through with the project with pride.
Osvaldo Valentini
CEO of Toyota Baltic