Statistics Estonia

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Statistics Estonia together with Net Group created BI dashboard Statistics Estonia recognized Net Group as its Partner of the Year!

Partner of the Year! Statistics Estonia recognized Net Group as its Partner of the Year!

What were the main business goals that wanted to achieve?

  • Main goal was to add even more practical value to the collected data for the widest possible group of people who could get an easy-to-understand overview of the data.
  • Also, help to see the right trends and see important ratios for quick and important decisions.

Main benefits
for end user

Personal dashboard

Everyone can create their own personal dashboard and display the data and information they need.

Visual dashboard

Visual dashboard can help make strategically the right decisions for local governments and entrepreneurs.

Data as timeline, map, regions or graphs

Dashboard data can be viewed on a timeline, on a map, as a comparison of regions, and graphs.

Transparency for citizens trough dashboard

Dashboard increase transparency for citizens as to where important national indicators are heading.

Achieved Goals

  • Visualized data
  • Data is fast to use
  • Personalized dashboard

Client feedback

We are really happy with the solution today and can say that this project was very well managed by the Net Group. We are thankful for the constant thinking, for providing new solutions, for the rapid exchange of information and for implementing the new CVI of Statistics Estonia.
Merle Kivirähk
Project Manager of the Business Technology Department of Statistics Estonia