Saku Metall

success by netgroup

To digitize the entire production chain, Net Group created a custom-made solution based on Saku Metall’s business and strategic challenges.

100% Control of the product

What were the main business goals that wanted to achieve?

  • Main goal was to create a solution that is simple and user-friendly.
  • At the same time would be effective and has measurable impact in production

Main benefits
for the end user

User-friendly software

Functional and user-friendly software based on the company’s needs

Commonly understandable

Commonly understandable to the whole team.

Clear UI

Has a clear user interface

Processes efficiency

Speeds up the processes

Achieved Goals

  • 100% control of the product
  • Supply chain response speed increased by 30%
  • The investment paid off in less than a year

Client feedback

It’s always good to have the opportunity to interact personally with the people you click with, and you know that person has enough influence to make decisions and have the power to change things. With Net Group I have the confidence that I pick up the phone and talk things quickly through to find a quick solution to problems or errors. It is not easy to achieve this in large corporate companies.
Sven Ahtaman
IT manager of Saku Metall