Estonian business and software development company Net Group, known for digitising the public and private sector, opens a new office in Hasselt, Belgium, supporting companies and institutions in the Benelux to improve their processes and services in becoming more efficient and user-friendly.

Net Group has been one of the tech pioneers with its 23 years in business in Estonia, the country known for being the European tech hub and the most digitally advanced society in the world. As a business consultation and software development house, Net Group has developed smart solutions for governments and companies in Estonia and abroad, from Microsoft’s machine learning-based voice recognition technology to launching the first-ever AI-based chatbot for the Estonian government.

“Estonia’s e-government solutions are widely known in Europe. It’s just as important for companies to be present in locations such as Belgium, where the readiness for digital solutions exists and our experience is really needed,” said Artur Kink, Estonian Ambassador in Belgium.

With the new office in Hasselt, Limburg, Net Group sees new opportunities ahead in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg, three countries where both public and private sector have the willingness to take services, for citizens and customers, to the next level.

Net Group’s Belgian office employs a team that is familiar with the specifics of the local market and there is tight cooperation with the software development unit in the Tallinn office. Net Group bv, is run by Managing Director and Partner Dave Koopmans who works together with Davy Bijnens for Business Development, both experienced in the sector on a local and international level. “Our strength lies in building seamless user-journeys across physical and digital domains. This applies for public services, family operated businesses and large corporations. The savoir-faire from a digital nation like Estonia would benefit the region that is on the path towards digitalisation of public and private services.” said Dave Koopmans, Managing Director and Partner at Net Group bv.

Net Group already has gained regional experience in The Netherlands, helping the International Criminal Court in The Hague to draw up a ten-year IT strategy and design user interface approach for the future. “This was an important sign of the readiness of the organisations to digitise their work processes. We decided to expand into BeNeLux because of such good reference” said Priit Kongo, founder and CEO of Net Group.

Innovative work
In Estonia, Net Group is currently developing the first-ever-open-source solution, a governmental digital assistant called Bürokratt. Bürokratt uses AI to make communications with the state easier for both business and citizens. In the coming months, a full version chatbot will transform the so-called bureaucracy of the Estonian Police and Border Guard and the National Library. The Company also develops the official IT strategy for Zanzibar in Tanzania. On the private market, Net Group has successfully transformed the e-services of several retail, wholesale, trade and service providers such as Toyota, Saint-Gobain in the Baltics, Synlab as well as set up a modern and efficient information system for the North Estonian Medical Centre – the largest hospital group in Estonia.

Net Group

Net Group is an international software development and consultancy company operating in the EMEA region. With 23 years of experience and over 135 employees, the Estonian-founded software company provides its customers with solutions that combine service design and innovative software technology. Net Group develops new solutions that keep simplicity, usability and direct effect on process improvement in mind. Net Group solutions are used in over 20 countries including Europe, Iraq, Tanzania and Oman. Today Net Group has offices in Belgium, Estonia, Finland and Tanzania

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