The business and software development firm Net Group has acquired a 100% stake in the software development boutique Outl1ne. The purpose of this transaction is to enhance artificial intelligence expertise and establish a specialized unit focused on large language models. Outl1ne will continue its operations as a subsidiary of Net Group.

Priit Kongo

Priit Kongo, CEO of Net Group, stated that Net Group is already renowned as one of Estonia’s most innovative business developers and software service providers. The merger with Outl1ne will further expand the company’s service portfolio and expertise.

“Through this merger, a synergy between the experiences and knowledge of both companies is created, allowing Net Group to offer comprehensive business and software solutions that cater to the growing demand for advanced and forward-looking technologies. Artificial intelligence is the fastest-growing technology affecting every industry,” said Kongo. He added that the primary goal of the merger is to significantly deepen specialization in generative artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) technology.

Olari Tõnison, CEO of Outl1ne, added that the merger enables both companies to take the practical application of language models to a new level and strengthen Outl1ne’s position. “We believe that, together with Net Group, we can fill a gap in the market with our innovative solutions. We are confident that large language models can make businesses more efficient, increase their competitiveness, and encourage companies to invest in artificial intelligence,” said Tõnison.

Tõnison further noted that many companies possess vast amounts of data with untapped potential. Skillful utilization of large language models can maximize the value derived from collected data, streamline business processes, boost revenue, and save resources. “Together with Net Group, we will assist companies in finding the most suitable LLM solution and seamlessly integrate it with their existing software,” explained the Outl1ne CEO.

Net Group has acquired a 100% stake in the software development boutique Outl1ne. As a result of the merger, Outl1ne is now a subsidiary of Net Group but will continue to operate as a separate legal entity. The company will be led by the founders of Outl1ne, Olari Tõnison and Allan Tatter.

The financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Net Group is an internationally operating business and software development company with 23 years of experience. This Estonian software company offers solutions that blend innovative business models with technology for enterprises and organizations. In addition to Outl1ne, the company holds stakes in Elsavie OÜ, Synerall AS, and Depowise OÜ.

Outl1ne is a software development boutique specializing in creating intelligent digital services and products to enhance the efficiency of clients’ businesses. They prioritize personalized approaches and technological expertise. The team at Outl1ne provides high-level expertise in implementing language models and developing custom business software

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