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Team Gamma has a marvelous talent of staying calm at even the busiest times – you need to keep in mind that even the most hectic times always pass.

Team Gamma, which recruits IT talents for Net Group, has a marvelous ability to remain calm during even the busiest times – you need to acknowledge that even the most hectic times pass. The four members of the team discuss how to motivate one another during difficult times, why they welcome employees directly from university and what the old adage “a stitch in time saves nine” means for their team. 

Happy to go to work!

Mihkel has been working in Net Group for 14 and a half years now, but his eyes are still full of joy when coming to work. According to him, one of the reasons is that it’s easy to talk to people here and the company has no structural barrier up: “You can step into the CEO’s room at any time to ask a question. You never have to feel bad that this guy is five steps above you.”

Tester Teele, who joined Team Gamma just a few months ago, concurs: “It was super easy to fit into the team because the people are great and helpful. The team members help me get settled. So I’m very happy to come to work every day.” 

Senior developer Rene, who came to Net Group directly from university and doesn’t even want to find another job agrees with the colleagues. “We all understand things the same way and people like these are what give you the reason to come to work,” Rene said. 

Why is it good in Net Group?

The team leader Alina talks about her past jobs: “When comparing Net Group to prior work experience, here I want to come to every day. Working in Net Group feels comfortable and I can feel completely free. The atmosphere at Net Group is very fun and kind.”

“The job can get complicated and you don’t expect all tasks with the same enthusiasm, but when the environment is inviting, you can handle everything,” Mihkel says. “Sometimes what helps is explaining the issue to the colleague and that’s all you might need to spark a breakthrough. The colleagues don’t just listen but always give good advice as well. Nobody’s uncomfortably breathing down your neck.”

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Team Gamma understands things the same way and so everyone is happy to go to work.

Team spirit

According to team leader Alina, the power behind Team Gamma is everyone motivating everyone else and being willing to create something awesome together. “I like getting people fresh out of university because they’re very open to new things and experiences and adopt our team spirit wonderfully.” A person who has worked in another company for years joining the team is a more complicated case. “They may not be able to take part in the team as well, it’s difficult to relearn the old habits. It’s not their fault, this is just how the working environment was,” Alina says.

Team Gamma 2
The power behind team Gamma is everyone motivating everyone else and wanting to do something awesome together.

Test yourself! 

Team Gamma has spoken: in order to join their team, you should be cheerful, ambitious, honest, open-minded and with a good sense of humor. Alina says that since cooperation begins with people, the first thing she looks at during a job interview is personal characteristics: “Other skills can always be learned, what’s important is what you’re like as a person.”

If you too want to be part of the awesome staff of NetGroup and undertake projects that carry meaning in the world of IT, test yourself and apply today! 

The coolest job!

Net Group has been an awesome employer for various talented people for more than 20 years now. The company is large enough to ensure stability and at the same time small enough to be flexible. 

The employees of Net Group dare to push boundaries and think outside of the box. The mission of the company is to give its employees the opportunity to carry out meaningful projects which contribute to life on Earth and change the way we live, study or work. Our customers value the software solutions that provide corporate value very highly. The NPS score of the company in the EMEA region is 85 and above. We have done a lot over the years – the company has given opportunities for digital redevelopment for European and African governments, local governments as well as large corporations and start-up companies. 

Several of the products of the company were so successful that they took on a life of their own – the Net Group own product Synerall started work as a separate company six years ago and last year, the same happened with Depowise, which is involved in investment activities and compliance monitoring solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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