Simplicity but with a dynamic pulse; boldness but embroidered with understanding; creative touch that still delivers tangible value. These words describe Net Group. Receiving a Natty Award is a testament that our online presence breathes them as well.

We are excited to announce that Net Group has been recognized for its outstanding work in the Design category at the Netty Awards, one of the accolades that celebrates achievements in digital age. This year, our team’s effortful work on the website that claimed the Best User Experience award has earned us the right to have a collective toast.

Net Group is an official Netty Winner

Recognizing accomplishments in the digital realm, the Netty Awards applauds companies across a spectrum of over 100 categories. A recognition from one of the contemporary awards organization, stands as a resounding testimony to the winners’ exceptional creativity, innovation, and technical expertise. 

In our winning web design, we seamlessly integrated client needs into service design and copy, emphasizing our dedication to client-centric solutions. The blazing and responsive website was is constructed with clean and efficient code which showcases our commitment to technical excellence and latest usability practices. Notably, our flagship service, “CTO as a Service,” stands as a proof to our commitment to advancing the digital landscape and redefining redundant industry practices.

Net Group’s Design Principles

We are committed to a set of foundational brand design principles that give way to our creative endeavors. Our brand colors, soaked in cheerful red, are characterized by visual vibrancy and energy. Across all our channels we’re aiming to strike a balance between boldness and cleanliness while opening space for creativity. These principles, entrenched at the core of Net Group’s identity, stand at the core from which design radiates.

The lively brand colors encapsulate the vigor and also warmth inherent in every project we undertake. We often hear our clients and partners mentioning that our service distinguishes us from others in their eyes. By displaying these hues we want to portray the same story – we won’t shy away from standing out in our online presence as well.

Our Pride And Joy

We are incredibly honored that our people’s effort was recognized by an awarding body. Multiple teams have collaborated and put in countless hours of work. They’ve built, revisioned, came back to drawing boards, built again, pioneered fresh service packages, and have kept everyone on board. The whole shebang while still adhering to the latest usability practices. 

Besides, building a website is every IT company’s Achilles heel. It demands the commitment of individuals to their pressing duties while you humbly seek a brisk fraction of their time to work on a side project. That’s a challenge that’s known to backfire. In our case, thanks to their professionalism, it set off fireworks. The fact that it even got done in such a fashion is just another reason to feel immensely proud and grateful for our collective workforce.

The usability and stylistic appeal of Net Group’s online presence validate their cleverness, creativity, teamwork, and flexibility. As we note down this achievement, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to them and to our clients and customers as well, for their unwavering support and trust in our work.

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