Witnessing upcoming technological advancements in the industrial sector is great. Being a propelling force is better.

AIRE (AI & Robotics Center) in the quest to raise the competitiveness of Estonian industrial enterprises, needed to find reliable partners. Net Group, alongside Proud Engineers, Digiwise, and Lean Digital, was willing to take a front seat.

AIRE Project

Sparking a flurry of excitement in the technology and industrial sector, the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Center (AIRE) have, again, made a marked effort to improve Estonia’s industrial competitiveness. This government initiative laid a stepping stone for small and middle-sized manufacturing enterprises to explore – and in the aftermath implement – artificial intelligence and automation in their day-to-day operations.

Weighing up on the ways to make the program more effective, the organization decided to integrate consultative services into its core. The result?

Four strong partnerships – one found in NetGroup – sharing expert advice on the capacity of these advanced technologies. AIRE’s goal is for partner companies to thoroughly assess each manufacturing business – working together with senior management and personnel – to help them reach profitability thanks to AI implementation.

Net Group to Provide Consulting Services

Net Group’s role – alongside three other companies – is to assess the company’s ability to implement AI by mapping their current state and data, as well as providing analysis of possible prerequisites and practicality of these AI implementations. Our team of experts will identify opportunities and feasibility for adding AI to the already established framework within the company’s processes.

Ushered by 3-year-long mentorship, industrial businesses are empowered not just to work out a solid plan to boost existing processes and gain a competitive advantage. Upon finishing the program, they will also be able to transition into other AIRE services – those that have already borne fruit in the past years – such as demo project implementation, finding project fundings, AI development programs, and more.

Why AI Is Crucial For Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturing companies often complain about being stalled by the amount of redundant, manual work – like paperwork and manual process interferences. They crave improvement not only for the sake of faster production, but to protect and motivate their people by removing them from dangerous and superfluous activities.

AI can be a valuable manufacturing asset, assisting with predictive maintenance and reducing costs associated with repairs. Machine learning and deep learning neural networks offer data analysis abilities that businesses can tap into to make more informed decisions. That’s true in general, not just in manufacturing.

But AI technology has further applications in industrial use cases. From predicting failure in production lines and quality control to keeping humans involved in the process safe and productive. As AI becomes an industrialized utility, factories across Estonia stand to benefit from the plethora of its capabilities.

  • Future problem prevention – scheduling maintenance and predicting equipment expiration dates
  • Better production planning – real-time overview of the process and proactive, automated replenishment of material stocks
  • Predicting raw material prices – and helping companies organize supply and warehousing in advance
  • Process improvement – with less manual, dangerous, and redundant human inputs
  • Stocking logistics – avoiding overstocking and understocking and keeping supplies at the optimal level
  • AI Robotics – less human error, automation, and human-like movement across manufacturing sections with vision technology

Seeing the tremendous potential of AIRE, we are delighted to join forces with both manufacturing companies and project partners.

Our hope is that through our effort, these companies can achieve peak efficiency and be at the forefront of innovative practices. With a fine blend of enthusiasm and determination, we look forward to this journey of AI and robotics advancement.

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