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A similar sense of humour, strong team spirit and fighting mentality are only some of the keywords that apply to Team Beta of Net Group.

Infectious team spirit

Team Beta is one of the longest-running of the ten development teams of Net Group, a provider of software solutions and products – the team leader Birgit has been working in the company for 15 years, most of the other members for 6–9 years. Two of the newest team members did only join 71 and 10 days ago, but they’ve already been merged into the group and infected with the team spirit as well.

“Having a mutual connection is crucial – if you can discuss any given topic with your colleagues, that takes the walls down at once,” says Henry, who joined the team only a few months ago. “People are exactly the reason why I’m happy to come to work every day for nine years now,” adds software developer Marek. The analyst Jaak with 8 years of experience concurs: “We’ve been working together for so long – we’re not just colleagues, we’re friends.” Ants-Kristjan explains: “This is exactly why we’re one of the longest-working teams.”

Team Beta 1
Members of Team Beta have worked together for a long time, but are more than just colleagues – they’re friends.

An annual tradition

Six years ago, an annual tradition took root: a few days spent on a trip abroad every spring. So far, the team has been to Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. “We’ve traveled abroad even more than within Estonia,” Marek admits. 

The travel tradition began with the United Kingdom: one of the then-members of Beta went there for a year-long business trip and the others began to miss them. “So we thought that we’d go visit them – so that they wouldn’t forget us and be sure to come back later,” Birgit remembers. “This experience brought the whole team closer together and thus founded the tradition we all look forward to every year.”

Team Beta 2
An annual tradition was founded six years ago: a trip abroad for a few days every spring.

What connects Team Beta?

That wasn’t the only joint activity: the team goes to see movies together, watches football games and attends concerts. Several of the team members also take part in the Net Group band – Marek plays the bass, Jaak is on the drums and sings, Birgit occasionally pitches in as a backup singer. The Net Group band performs at corporate events and does covers of various well-known songs. Senior developer Aleksander is also a musical talent, although he recently took a break from the band.

“Sometimes you need to get your mind off work and take a bit of a break. Can’t constantly sit in front of a screen and focus from eight to five,” Marek said. The team sometimes watches weird reality shows together just for fun. In fact, a sense of humour is one of the most important features of a person for the team members – even the job interview brings it up. “We’re all vastly different but the humour needs to match, regardless of age, gender or other characteristics,” Birgit confirms.

Team Beta 3
The team supports each other in good times and bad – together we overcome all problems.

The developer Ants-Kristjan, who’s been working in the team for six years, specifies that it’s not only about having a sense of humour, everyone also has to take a joke the same way. “Our humour is pretty sharp, we often take shots at one another as well, but in a friendly manner – everyone understands that and doesn’t take offence,” Jaak adds. 

“Of course dramas do happen sometimes – we’re like an Italian family, sometimes fighting but always making up in the end,” Birgit says. The team supports its members through the good and the bad – together, they overcome every issue. “If anyone is having a hard time, they need to bring it up. We don’t leave anything to fester inside,” Birgit explains.

Just recently, the team went through a very difficult time when two of the members left the team. “Since our team has become very close, it was a sad event for everyone. We suffered from the empty nest syndrome,” Birgit reminisces.

Team Beta 4
For members of the Beta team, one of the most important qualities is a sense of humor – it is observed already at the job interview.

Fight to the end!

There are no quitters in Team Beta – in addition to a sharp sense of humour, a winner’s mindset is another of the most significant characteristics. This is needed for the internal contests of Net Group where the teams go up against one another. “We always fight to the end,” Jaak says, half joking. “Being in a competition forces you to put in more effort, which in turn allows to develop faster,” Birgit adds.

Test yourself!

In order to become one of the members of Team Beta, you should be characterised by a fighting spirit, a good sense of humour, the desire to constantly improve and take on various challenges.

If you want to be part of the awesome staff of NetGroup and undertake projects that carry a lot of purpose in the world of IT, test yourself and apply today!

The most awesome job

Net Group has been an awesome employer for various talented people for more than 20 years now. The company is large enough to ensure stability and at the same time small enough to be flexible. 

The employees of Net Group dare to push boundaries and think outside of the box. The mission of the company is to give its employees the opportunity to carry out meaningful projects which contribute to life on Earth and change the way we live, study or work. Our customers value the software solutions that provide corporate value very highly. The NPS score of the company in the EMEA region is 85 and above. 

We have done a lot over the years – the company has given opportunities for digital redevelopment for European and African governments, local governments as well as large corporations and start-up companies. 

Several of the products of the company were so successful that they took on a life of their own – the Net Group own product Synerall started work as a separate company six years ago and last year, the same happened with Depowise, which is involved in investment activities and compliance monitoring solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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