Estonian public service experiences in terms of digitalisation were introduced to Belgium public sector representatives in Brussels last month.  

At the event “Smart Cities and Digital Government – Stories from e-Estonia?” we interviewed several representatives of the Belgian Flanders local governments. 

According to Dave Koopmans, Net Group Belgium Managing Director and Partner the aim of this event was to “exchange knowledge, to see how things are done in Estonia, the world’s most digital nation”. 

Houthalen–Helchteren Smart Cities’ Project Coordinator Lie Lauwers told that Estonia has proven that it’s possible to redesign public services that are easy to use and impact lots of people. 

“In Sint-Niklaas, I think we are still facing a big challenge to integrate all the existing systems,” Sint-Niklaas Mayor Lieven Dehandschutter said. “All Flemish local authorities can learn a lot from e-Estonia,” he added. 

Stephane Coppens, Account Manager of local authority service providers at Digital Flanders, told that Estonia is already known in Belgium as a frontrunner in digital development. According to him Digital Flanders offers many smart initiatives and at the moment their team is “focusing on making necessary input accessible to local authorities” so they can design suitable digital services. 

Artur Kink, Estonian Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg argued that Belgian-Estonian cooperation could be a great example of how digitalisation makes new opportunities for creating new cross-border solutions in the European common market.  “This could be a great testbed for creating European solutions,” Kink said. 

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On Thursday, November 24, at the Estonian Embassy in Belgium, the meeting of Net Group and public sector leaders was attended by more than 20 representatives of the Belgian Flanders local governments. Presentations were made by Ambassador Artur Kink, who introduced the use of Estonian e-services at the national level, Ms. Evelyn Tohvri, Head of the Legal Department together with Mr. Gert Väli, Chief Technology Officer at the Tallinn City Government talked about digital initiatives at the local government level and introduced the legislation information system TEELE case study, Net Group presented the services offered by the company on the Belgian market. 

Net Group  

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Dave Koopmans
Managing Director – Net Group bv 

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