In collaboration with Estonian Food And Fermentation Technology Development Center Ltd (TFATK) nutrition scientists and Elsavie’s production development team, Net Group is now developing Tervisekonto web platform.

Tervisekonto is a virtual platform where users can gather their own health data and receive science-based recommendations to improve their lifestyle. On Tervisekonto platform you can upgrade your dietary habits, explore modern health related technologies and solutions recommended by different researchers to improve your health and well-being

Health solution for everyone

Short description of the project: The number of chronic diseases cases in a welfare states is increasing annually and one of the reasons is due to non-healthy diet and lifestyle. At the same time, there is a lack of reliable information in the field of welfare services that you could use to improve your health, as well as a lack of effective technical solutions to help people monitor their lifestyle habits on a daily basis and advise a better solution to them if necessary.

Purpose: Goal is to create a prevention-focused health and wellbeing platform called “Tervisekonto”, which gives users control of their health data and allows them to make the right decisions with the support of trusted partners.

The longer-term objective is to create a platform for also nutrition studies that can be used to analyse the effects of new foods or food components on human health. The data collection systems and algorithms and microbiome-friendly diets/dietary plans that will be developed are intended to demonstrate that microbiome and other health indicators can be improved in the desired direction.

Result: Tervisekonto will be developed with a secure and user-friendly management system and a data analysis system that will enable the customer to make dietary recommendations based on his or her health characteristics. Tervisekonto will provide convenient and fast methods of collecting and analysing nutrition data. Also, one of the results is going to be the in vitro method of testing food components, which can be used to assess the effect of selected food components on human gastrointestinal microbiota.

Finding relationships between food components and microbiome is the main basis for creating algorithms that can be used to automatically calculate nutrition recommendations based on human health data. To this end, TFTAK with a help of Net Group also creates databases and criteria for collecting health indicators and solving selected health problems.

Tervisekonto 2014-2020.4.02.21-0338

Name of the Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Amount of aid: EUR 1,298,343.75


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