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The Health Insurance Fund commissioned a prototype for a health management dashboard aimed at medical workers from Net Group, with the purpose of consolidating all information concerning a patient and thereby easing the daily work of medical workers. The health management dashboard will be developed over the course of four years, the first solutions will be completed by the end of this year.

The vision for the next generation health information system (upTIS) states, inter alia, that smart solutions ensure the consistency of treatment, improve clinical processes, and save the time of specialists who treat the patients. Today, every hospital and health service provider has its own local information system which also collects data from public information systems. The data are separated in the systems, therefore the specialists need to request the same information from a patient separately every time, which in turn takes time.

In order to make everyday work easier for medical workers, the Health Insurance Fund has commissioned the soon-to-be-completed health management dashboard (TJT), with the prototype developed by Net Group. Based on the prototype, Net Group and its partners will develop a platform for medical workers over the course of four years, endeavoring to consolidated all information concerning a patient into a single portal which would be accessible to all specialists who handle medical data, such as dentists, pharmacists, doctors, psychologists, social workers, etc., as necessary.

According to the product manager of the Health Insurance fund Patrick Pihelgas, the health management dashboard is a tool of managing medical information according to the next generation health info system (upTIS) and a central tool for every specialist requiring medical data who does not have their own information system or whose existing information system does not enable working according to the upTIS principles. “We will create a cooperative platform for all employees in the field of medicine, allowing to work together with patients’ medical information – insert, display and share them in a structured manner. The dashboard also brings together various digital solutions and e-services which support patient management. The dashboard can be adjusted to everyone in such a way that only the most important options for a specialist are in the forefront,” Pihelgas said.

According to the Head of Digital Health of Net Group Maarja Laos, completion of the prototype of the health management dashboard included a thorough business analysis and cooperation with work groups. “The business analysis focused on the issues of business requirements, case studies and legal issues. This was compounded with some technical parts and mapping out which data are processed from which information systems. The work groups included end users, so predominantly medical workers. They provided us with an important input, which on the one hand helped us map out the shortcomings of the current situation and on the other hand to understand the changes that are needed. To sum up the results of the analysis in a very brief and simplified manner, medical workers currently have no opportunity to obtain a complete overview of the medical data of a patient. When creating the prototype of the health management dashboard, we were guided by the aim of consolidating all medical information of a patient into one place and for specialists to be able to access them as necessary in order to better do their work,” Laos said.

The development of the health management dashboard is planned to last four years, as nearly 40 different data blocks are intended to be added. The first service to be developed is that of the treatment plan, which is expected to be completed at the end of this year. “A treatment plan provides a complete overview of the medications used by a patient and also allows pharmacists to contribute more than before,” Laos explains.

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