Nowadays, no major company is successfully managed without wise data analysis. A quick and comprehensive overview of your current performance is important to make critical decisions quickly, gain the edge and being ahead of your competition.

How do you analyze strategic information in your business?

Where do you store and analyze your data? In business, a lot has to do with speed. You can easily outrun your competitors when you base your strategic decisions on the freshest information. How to make accurate and quick decisions when leading your business? Well, one could rely on gut feeling, but relying on up-to-date data analysis would be a better idea. This is where Business Intelligence comes to play and we in Net Group are experts in giving you the necessary tools to manage data like a pro – with our partner Microsoft Power BI.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout an organization. One can connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive spontaneous analysis. The main focus is on producing visually appealing reports, then publishing them for an organization so that anybody can consume the reports on the web and across any device. Everyone can create personalized dashboards with a unique, 360-degree view of their business.

Power BI  is focused on quick data analysis. Main benefits of using Power BI are the following:

  • better overview and access to data
  • manage users’ access to specific data
  • one can reach strategical decisions faster
  • access your data everywhere and every time
  • generate visually brilliant reports

Net Group has been assisting customers to make their job easier and contribute to business development. We have helped many companies in the automotive, medicine, food and beverage, and energy industries. Thanks to Power BI, the company management can react to changes immediately and have a better overview and access to data.

Power BI in Net Group

Our BI team has many years of competence in setting up BI solutions to fit a specific customer’s needs. We are using a customized Power BI workspace to share relevant data within our organization. Sharing reports about our financial outcomes used to be a time-consuming manual task which is now automated thanks to Power BI We’re keen on transparency – we’ve customized our workspace so, that every employee can reach the following information whenever they want:

  • Net Group’s current turnover
  • financial outcomes team by team
  • predicted vs actual financial outcomes
  • recommendation index
  • working hours of every employee
  • etc.

This is only a tiny part of what Power BI is capable of. It can easily be customized to help companies in any field to manage their data smarter.

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We’d be happy to show you the wide range of possibilities and success stories that Power BI has to offer and discuss how you can benefit from it. Contact us by email via in**@ne******.com to discover the Data Analysis possibilities for your company.

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