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It’s not just your online store but digitising the full range of your omnichannel sales that brings success. We'll listen to your needs and kick-start the profitable e-commerce automation - both in your online and offline ventures.
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E-commerce is just the tip of the iceberg. Digital commerce is where actual retail growth happens. It takes more than just an online store, and a successful one, to flourish as an omnichannel e-business. Our strategy is to tackle two fronts.

First, is your e-commerce, where we establish a solid online presence that drives profit. And second, we bring data into your offline channels and automate the key business processes.

Strategy and Organization
Strategy and Organization
Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Digital Tools
Digital Tools
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

Journey towards profitable Digital Commerce

Strategy and Organization
The foundation of successful Digital Commerce is having the right strategy and organizational setup within your business.

Our team can support you in designing the most valuable roadmap to e-business success.
Omnichannel Customer Experience
Customer is in the heart of any business. Since your e-shop or app competes with almost every other solution or digital service that the person uses every day, investing in seamless user and customer experience is crucial.

That applies to both your digital channel and experience in the brick-and-mortar shop.
Processes and Automation
Optimized processes and automation is where profit is generated. Finding optimal and shortest ways to fulfill orders, re-stock your warehouse or launch new products will keep you on top of the competition.

Automation is our passion - let's find and grow the profit in your commerce operations together.
Digital Tools
You can't have digital commerce without the digital component. Developing and implementing software that is right for your business is our main goal.

Whether it's an e-shop platform, self-service portal, product information management solution or business intelligence platform to track and manage your growth - we will deliver.

What’s the current state of your digital commerce?

Evaluate your business

Be aware of digital commerce's current situation. Real overview helps you plan your future steps better. We have compiled a short self-assessment tool that helps you pinpoint areas you should be focusing on and understand where to improve. We will happily help you interpret the results and together we can work out a digitalization roadmap.

Our success stories

Ehituse ABC

B2C and B2B e-commerce platform, product information management solution and various process automation solutions. Ehituse ABC has seen nearly 90% e-commerce revenue growth year-over-year comparing 2020 and 2021.

TV3 Group

Central user authentication solution to be used by all 50 web portals managed by TV3 across the Baltics. Solution based on Amazon AWS Cognito and provides a centralized authentication for nearly 2 million end-users.


B2C e-shop to support sales of mobility aid equipment and related medical assistance products. Provides a well-needed digital access to mobility aid equipment for people in need. Integrations with ERP and other solutions to enable automation.

Toyota Baltic

Digital tools and applications to support import of Toyota and Lexus cars to Baltics. Data warehouse and business intelligence to enable data-driven management and provide near-live insight to Baltic operations. Digital tools for financing and sales support. Toyota is the leading car brand in the Baltics.


Efficient and automated product information management solution. Platform development and implementation to provide capability to market and sell up to 1 million products across various markets in Finland and Baltic states.


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