For an e-commerce business, there has always been a wide variety of platforms to choose from to run their business, especially the online sales part of it. At some point it seems that there are even too many choices. On the other hand, it is good to have multiple options to choose from – that means every e-commerce business, no matter their size and nature, can find the optimum solution for them. In this article, we are showcasing an open-source e-commerce platform suitable for company of any size – nopCommerce.

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Constantly improving, free to use and fully customizable

nopCommerce is an e-commerce platform that enables a starting e-commerce business to bring their sales online but also supports enterprises in selling their products in many countries and under different brands. nopCommerce can be launched using its´ built-in features and functionality with minimum effort. It can also be extensively customized to have the look and feel of your business and to make you stand out from the competition.

The biggest advantage of nopCommerce compared to its´ competitors is that the platform itself is free for everybody. That means, no matter the size or complexity of your business, you don´t have to pay any license or subscription fees for using nopCommerce as a platform. Your only cost will go into hosting and customization, should you need any. There is a new version of the platform released every 6-7 months, meaning the platform is constantly being improved and the platform is using the latest technology.

nopCommerce has over 60 000 active shops running on it and around 10 000 shops launch every year. In the last few years, nopCommerce has gained popularity in the US, but now it is spreading across Europe as well.

Suitable for businesses of all size

nopCommerce is a tool for any size business that wants to run its´ own e-commerce. It is suitable for a starting business with up to 100 SKUs but also has the capacity and customizability to manage multiple brands on a single platform, provide an omnichannel customer experience and differentiate from the competition. In addition to that, businesses involved in B2B sales, drop shipping or wholesale can also benefit from implementing nopCommerce as there is a variety of possibilities and extensions supporting such processes and business model.

To best describe to whom nopCommerce is a good fit – it is a good choice for any business interested in starting or really growing their existing e-commerce business and do so while maintaining flexibility and openness to adapt to what the future might bring.

For small and medium-sized businesses these features about nopCommerce should spark interest:

  • nopCommerce platform is free – no one-time or periodic license fees attached.
  • There are over 1500 additional plugins available that help you make the e-shop very functional with minimal effort.
  • nopCommerce has many built-in options to support digital marketing (SEO, Google Analytics integration, Google Tag Manager, remarketing plugins), that help you gain and retain customers.
  • Easy administration module that allows you to manage orders, shipping, payment methods, etc.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support by default.
  • Advanced reporting and business analytics

For an established business looking to upgrade their e-commerce, the following speaks for nopCommerce:

  • nopCommerce platform is free – no one-time or periodic license fees attached.
  • nopCommerce is fully open-source and therefor fully customizable to fulfill your business requirements.
  • You can use the same platform to handle both B2C and B2B sales
  • nopCommerce can handle large number of products and supports multi-store business model.
  • nopCommerce demo site has a 100/100 Google PageSpeed rating.
  • nopCommerce uses Microsoft technology which is proven to be reliable and secure.
    • Example of that: nopCommerce has received only one separate security patch in its´ version history. Many competing platforms receive several security patches with every new version.
  • nopCommerce has been on the global market for the past 10 years and is trusted by global brands.

Join the band

nopCommerce is used for local, regional, and global e-commerce by many global brands. Just to name the few – Volvo, Lacoste, The North Face, Speedo, Microsoft, harman/kardon, Lee Jeans, BMW, Opel, etc. There is probably some business in your region, already enjoying the benefits that nopCommerce has to offer.

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