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Four developers share their experiences and talk about the ins and outs of their job and what makes it so exciting. Author: Mikk Mihkel Vaabel

Fascinating projects, constantly developing technologies and strong teamwork – this is the everyday life of the software developers of Net Group. Four developers share their experiences and talk about the ins and outs of the job and what makes it so awesome. 

You can shape the contents of the work

The working life of Net Group developers is generally centered around various projects on which they work for a few months or longer, even over a year. Kerttu Liis, who has been a developer for nearly five years, and Heleri, who has programmed for four, just completed one – they wrote the app software for a Finnish company. Henrik, who operates in the field of innovation in Net Group, likes projects where you start from zero and build it from the ground up. The company provides several such opportunities. 

The developers also point out that you’re never bored at work. “I’ve been able to take on several various tasks over the four years and whenever it does feel like something is getting boring, you can always change your direction,” says Henrik. Everyone agrees that nobody forces you to undertake a given project. “If you feel like you’ve been working with one project for too long and would actually like to learn something new instead, you’re given the opportunity and they see what else is on the table,” Kerttu Liis adds. 

“Right now, I’m at the stage where I accept every project that gets offered. This is a different approach – this way, I gain new experiences that I might not necessarily pick myself. But they are sure to be necessary for my development,” says Jaanus, who has been working in Net Group for a little over a year. Even though his developer experience isn’t very long, he’s been able to try various tasks and thereby gained a very good overview of the job.

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Heleri (left) and Kerttu Liis (right) appreciate the opportunity to ask for colleagues’ advice, this way they reach the best solution. Author: Mikk Mihkel Vaabel

Nobody is left alone!

The day of developers usually starts with a sort of stand-up where problems are discussed that currently hinder movement and an overview of the upcoming plans is given. This way, nobody is left alone with their troubles and the workday is off to a good start. 

The developers also occasionally come together to discuss matters, sharing their thoughts on the current greatest professional challenges and receiving good advice on how to resolve them. “If nobody in your team can help, you can always go ask for advice from other teams. The communication between teams is very open and any questions are always welcome,” Kerttu Liis notes. “Asking questions is always good, we can find a good solution together,” Heleri adds. 

Net Group breaks the myth that developers spend eight hours behind a computer, only writing code and never speaking a word to another living being by the end of the workday. “In addition to direct interaction, we have plenty of talking and joint activities outside of the working hours as well. There’s no lack of socializing,” Jaanus says. And if anyone has moved on from Net Group, they are added to a different platform and the chat goes on. There’s no lack of socializing. 

Developing still cannot be done without programming skills, but a lot comes before writing code: bouncing ideas, analyzing the completed work and learning new technologies. According to Kerttu Liis, the capacity to improve constantly is one of the most significant skills.

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Jaanus (left) and Henrik (right) are fond of good teamwork. Author: Mikk Mihkel Vaabel

Jaanus points out that the most important things for him are attitude and the synergy of the team. What’s important is that working together involves compromises and nobody gets too pushy with their own ideas. “First and foremost we look for colleagues who are good at communication. When you spend entire days in the same room with a person, you want to be able to enjoy your time together,” Henrik adds. 

Therefore, all four developers agree that one of the most important aspects of their job is teamwork. A valuable colleague is also a good team player. “In our team, some are more active talkers, some are quieter. What counts is that everyone be able to understand and connect with one another,” Jaanus notes. This way, the entire team does well. 

If you think that you’re a good team player, an enthusiastic problem solver, interested in exciting projects and want to test yourself, contact us! Read more here.

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