In today’s business landscape, the guidance and seamless integration of technology is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Companies, irrespective of the scale of their business or industry, often find themselves navigating through the complexities either on their own or with surface-level advice. This is where Net Group takes a stance by bringing tech expertise to the businesses that crave it.

In our hopes to not just offer but redefine IT consultancy services we aim to scrutinize businesses’ status quo and exploit a path forward. Through thorough audits, our professionals delve into the heartbeat of an organization, identifying the most common pain points that may hinder growth. Subsequently, we reach beyond generic remedies by bringing time-tested technical expertise— pinpointing tailored strategies that align with businesses’ specific needs. 

Why do Businesses Need Consultants?

In fact, why even bother hiring consultants? The organization where The Question wasn’t raised is probably a statistical anomaly. And, to spill the beans, it’s a positive phenomenon. Asking The Question puts a rational organization in a position to actually cut through the chase, unwind the crucial WHY behind hiring, and safeguard against consultancy schemes and gimmicks.  

If you’re thinking to seek external help or trying to asses your previous experiences, know this: Consultants should act like good doctors. They should first diagnose – thoroughly – before making any assumptions about the issue at hand. Then, like any good surgeon, they need to offer targeted operation and tell you exactly what the perks you’ll see once finished. Just as a patient can attest to feeling better after surgery, a business should see unmistakable ROI after bringing consultants into the fold.

Otherwise, what’s the point? With looming market uncertainties, growing inflation rates, and VAT increases such as the one in Estonia, the last thing a business needs is another overhead cost. In fact, they need help… which leads us to the most important paradigm shift: You should hire consultants not despite the challenges, but because of them.

Just Like a Good Doctor

Audits serve as the cornerstone for consultancy services. Having industry know-how and the tech industry is great, but getting to know the business is a much more important first step. At Net Group, our audit process (1) begins by defining goals and aligning them with the current industry landscape. This initial step ensures that consultancy becomes a tangible, goal-oriented service and not an abstract lesson in business theory.

In the succeeding stage, a thorough (2) examination of existing platforms helps understand why those goals weren’t met before. Good consultants pinpoint issues in achieving outlined goals and delve into the bottlenecks of digital systems. An audit unearths legacy systems that hinder progress, identifies ad-hoc processes, and scrutinizes the overall fitness of current systems.

Bring Technical Expertise to The Table

The next phase involves outlining and recommending optimal systems that make strategic goals attainable. Not necessarily by recommending what is “trendy” or a “best industry practice”. Rather than promising tech utopia, good consultants should know what works best in a given instance. Their commitment extends beyond monitoring technology trends by uncovering tailored opportunities and mitigating risks integral to organizational success.

Finally, at the end of the whole process, companies should walk away with a comprehensive plan that spans integration, detailing every step, and establishing a clear timeline. This strategic roadmap not only determines the level of assistance needed but becomes the stethoscope to measure the triumph of the entire partnership. 

Let Us Help You Catalyze Your Growth

With two decades of innovation, steering companies towards growth, and a myriad of successful tech launches, our portfolio includes dozens of in-house projects, thriving companies like Depowise and Syneral, established offshore offices, 200+ satisfied customers, and recent accolades. If you seek a strategic consultant committed to value, let’s connect.

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